Enjoy Hard Times for Men Hard Times for Men provides erections in just 20 minutes Hard Times for Men lasts up to 36 hours Hard Times for Men works even if you take alcohol

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Let's face it, one of life's greatest pleasures is sex and everyone already knows a healthy sex life is invigorating and good for you, both mentally & physically.  Unfortunately many of us are faced with issues that deprive us of our sexual desire...  UNTIL NOW!!!

This product is great for Diabetics
Put an end to premature ejaculation
Just take one Hard Times for Men capsule for a raging rock hard erection in 20 minutes

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After years of research there is a safe and effective answer...

HARD TIMES for Men is a safe and natural alternative for those who can not or do not want to take prescription ED meds.

Satisfy your woman with super erections over and over again
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Hard Times works fast and every time or your money back.  Satisfaction Guaranteed

Just ONE Hard Times capsule will

  • give you the ability to have a raging rock hard erection in 20-30 minutes, a harder & firmer erection then you have ever had...

  • stop premature ejaculation...

  • provide you the sexual stamina you need to satisfy your partner to a level beyond pleasure...

  • allow you to get hard again immediately after orgasm...

  • work great even if you take alcohol!!

Sounds too good to be true, right?

If HARD TIMES for Men isn't everything we say it is, or if you aren't totally satisfied for any reason, just send us back your unused pills and we'll give you a full refund*
Get Hard Times for Men in a single pack or a multipack bottle

I needed help in a big way. My girlfriend wouldn't say anything but I knew she wasn't happy
with the way things were going in the bedroom. Using Hard Times has changed things so 
much.  Now she drags me into the bedroom for some all night fun! - Harvey, TX.

Sex had gotten pretty rinse and repeat around here.  I had a bunch of new stuff I wanted to
try but I was afraid to tell my wife about.  Using Hard Times and the articles on your free
website helped me figure out how to tell my wife what I wanted and I was shocked to find
out she was totally into it!  Thanks for the great advice. - Mark, WA

What do you give the girl that has everything already?   I decided to get some Hard Times
For Men and give her the sex life she deserves.  Who's the man? - Thomas, WV

I've never been good with the ladies. For years I've been the 15 minute man but with Hard
Times For Men the ladies call me the All Night Man! - Mitch, KS

What do you do when your um..stuff isn't big enough to satisfy girls? I bought some Hard
Times For Men and it put an end to my "Hard Times". Thank you so much!! - Wayne, TX

Hard Times for Men has taken off throughout the nation since it was released in January 2009, now available at thousands of retail locations in 1-capsule packages.  Because of a special arrangement with the manufacturer we are able to sell non-retail bulk bottles of Hard Times at significantly discounted pricing.

Hard Times for Men is safe to use where prescription drugs like Viagra & Cialis are not.  Great for diabetics.  If you are looking to satisfy your partner with the best sex of your life, you owe it to yourself to try Hard Times for Men.  You have nothing to lose.  If it's not everything you expected just send back the unused pills and get your money back!

Hard Times for Men retails in stores for $6.99 per 1-pack capsule.  Because we sell bulk quantity capsules over the internet we can offer you the following special pricing...

Hard Times for Men 4-capsule bottle
Hard Times for Men 1-capsule blister  pack

4 + 1

(5 capsules total)

RETAIL $34.95


+ $4.95 S/H


Hard Times for Men 8-capsule bottle
Hard Times for Men 1-capsule blister pack

8 + 1

(9 capsules total)

RETAIL $62.91


+ $4.95 S/H


Hard Times for Men 12-capsule bottle
Hard Times for Men 1-capsule blister pack

12 + 1

(13 capsules total)

RETAIL $90.87


+ $4.95 S/H


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